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Welcome to The Eye-Q Podcast, hosted by Dr. Rani Banik. America's integrative neuro-ophthalmologist. Get ready to explore the intricate connections between the brain and the eye through neuro-ophthalmology. Journey with Dr. Rani into the world of integrative ophthalmology, where cutting edge science meets holistic wellness. 

Discover how to protect and preserve vision through powerful preventative strategies, based on eye-smart nutrition and lifestyle modifications. Whether you're an eye care provider, or just curious about how to maintain healthy vision so you can see the world more clearly, join Dr. Rani for exciting and eye-opening discussions which will no doubt, raise your Eye-Q!

Episode 2 - Eye on Migraine: What is Migraine?

In this episode of The Eye-Q Podcast, Dr. Rani Banik, America’s Integrative Neuro-ophthalmologist, delves into the world of migraines, distinguishing them from regular headaches, exploring their symptoms, and discussing how they are diagnosed.

If you're curious about what differentiates a migraine from a regular headache or interested in understanding its symptoms and diagnosis, this episode is for you. Dr. Rani will guide you through the complexities of migraines, shedding light on their neurological basis and providing insights on effective management strategies.

Episode 1 - Eye on Nutrition: Going Beyond Carrots

In this inaugural episode of The Eye-Q Podcast, Dr. Rani Banik, America’s Integrative Neuro-ophthalmologist, highlights the four important nutritional strategies to follow for optimal eye health.

Learn why carrots are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ocular nutrition. There are over 30+ nutrients and 40+ foods that can help support eye health. Dr. Rani shares the importance of a plant-rich diet, eating a diverse range of colorful foods, avoiding processed foods, and supporting gut health for optimal eye health.

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